All-inclusive valve rehabilitation service

Action Pipeline has noticed a trend in the way that water systems are designed and how maintenance practices have been neglected when it comes to valves. We specialize in rehabilitating large diameter butterfly valve actuators. Our expertise includes: disassembly, re-manufacturing, timing, and replacement actuator retrofitting.

Valve Rehabilitation
and Repair

We provide spur gear and gearbox restoration/repair services for all large diameter butterfly valves. Our services range from bearing and seal replacement to full rehabilitation. Most repairs can be performed without water main interruption, saving our customers time and money. We have the capability to repair and remanufacture broken and deteriorated parts on the spot with our mobile machine shop. In the event the gearbox is beyond repair, we have the capabilities to retrofit a new gearbox. We have the capability to make upgrades and modifications to spur gears and gearboxes to improve performance and aid in extending its lifespan.

Valve Service
and Maintenance

Over time and use of the valves, gearbox parts will wear out. This greatly affects its performance and life expectancy. Servicing and maintaining all moving parts on a gearbox is a sure-fire way to preserve the longevity and minimize the need for costly repairs. Service includes replacing: bushings, bearing, expired grease, and other parts prone to deterioration. Additionally, we install service ports in key locations to extend the gearboxes service ability.

Valve Condition
Assessment Services

We provide a professional evaluation of the condition and remaining life of your valve, along with a recommendation of the service or repairs necessary to match the usable life of the distribution main.

Valve Exercise
Equipment Services

The number one cause of valve failure is exercise equipment. Valve Exercise Equipment Services is a systematic program to locate and exercise water valves to ensure they function and operate properly. We have developed a program to test and calibrate valve actuating equipment in order to ensure it is operating within an allowable tolerance. This reduces the probability of breaking valves due to over torquing which is the most common cause of failure.

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